Three Techniques to Memorize Easily

Our brain is capable of more than most people even can imagine. We remember important things and forget less important things, but the fact is that even the less important things are still stored in our minds somewhere, stacked among the vast volumes of data in our personal hard drives. With a little practice and some applied techniques, it is possible to learn how to memorize easily and keep things “indexed” so that you can retrieve them anytime you want. Let’s examine three of the popular memory techniques that can teach you how to memorize easily and efficiently.

Associative Memory Techniques:

These types of memory techniques involve using very traditional characteristics of our memory to help us memorize easily. With an associative technique, a well-known item is associated with a recently encountered item as a way of creating an easy pathway to the lesser-known item for later retrieval. Popular associative memory techniques are mnemonics, linked lists, peg words, and a technique called “mental journey”.

Visual Memory Techniques:

With a visual technique, mental imagery is applied to rehearse a memory and create a visual memory from this rehearsal, even for an item that has no visual characteristics. An example would be remembering a person’s name by drawing a visual picture of what that name would look like if it were an object, which will stick better in the mind because objects are more easily memorized that abstract concepts such as names.


Most of us are quite familiar with this memory technique, as a method for studying for an exam in school. Repeating an item over and over increases the likelihood that it will be memorized, so this is a fairly obvious technique that most people practice at some point in their lives. However, repetition takes time and is not nearly the most efficient way to memorize easily and effectively.

All of these techniques are different, but they operate on a similar principle, which entails creating a memory and giving it a new way of entering your mind, as compared to what you experienced the first time you encountered the information. The way to improve your memory is to employ one of these techniques to make a deeper impression in your memory, which will make you recall it more easily.

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