Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer

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The beautiful solid construction of the Portofino 4-in-1 fixed side convertible crib and changer by Stork Craft, with its magical sleigh design, makes this a royal centerpiece for your nursery. All four sides are stationary and include an adjustable three position mattress support base to add to the security and stability of this versatile crib. It has a well built construction made of solid wood and wood products, offered in a selection of non toxic, durable finishes. It is designed for multiple stages of life; it converts from a full size crib to a toddler bed, to a daybed, to a full-size bed (bed rails not included). The attached changer is designed with safety in mind, with an extra deep surface for added security and stability while changing your baby. Complete your nursery look by adding an assortment of matching accessories, a chest, dresser or glider and ottoman by Stork Craft. Set-up this extravagant piece effortlessly with it’s easy to follow directions into a crib that’s perfect for your babies’ sweet, delicate slumber.

Note : Customers who are sensitive to certain smells might find the product to have a strong odor, but it is not harmful and should dissipate quickly.

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Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib

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Versatile and Beautiful piece for nursery!

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I looked for a crib for many months before deciding on this one. With Amazon’s free shipping and no sales tax it was the best deal on the web by far as well as the added benefit of free returns if purchased from a gift registry. This was pretty essential since buying blind on the web without seeing a product (especially one as large and expensive as this one) can end up being a terrible decision but Amazon took away that fear and has made the decision to make purchases from their site our “Go-to” move. Basically once again Amazon did exactly as they promised and the buying through them was pain free and easy as pie.

As for the product itself, once I received the pieces and started assembling them with my husband, I knew I made the right decision going with this crib and the line itself. The crib is beautiful and with the attached changing table it makes our nursery (which is only a room about 10’x10′) seem like it has a lot more space. I highly recommend this crib and changer specifically for those looking to save space with a changer that doesn’t run length wise along the wall which obviously takes up a lot more space. The setup was also not too bad, we split the build into 2 days since we started late the first night, but overall only took about 2 hours going at a fairly leisurely pace.

One of the negatives I have seen is that the side of the crib that is attached to the changing table right now would make it so that we wouldn’t be able to separate the changing table from the crib until we plan to convert this into a full-size bed since the side of the changing table is what makes up the right side of the crib. That being said, in our personal situation we won’t need to separate these two pieces until that time so the issue is moot but for others contemplating all of the options, this is one of the drawbacks I have discovered.

Another slight negative comes with the changer specifically. After contemplating how I was going to be using the changer (e.g. needing easy access to wipes, diapers, baby powder, diaper rash cream, etc.) I noticed that the shelves that are located on the side of the changer might not make this the easiest setup. The openings aren’t very tall and the space is really deep which is great for holding lots of items but making most too hard to reach when you have a squirmy baby on the changing table. However, I did find some great slide-out wire drawers from Bed Bath & Beyond and attached them to the top and middle shelves. I did leave the bottom one open in case I want to store some larger stuff, plus the bottom shelf has a lip at the bottom edge making this a little more difficult to find a slide-out drawer that could clear this lip. These are very nit-picky things but something to think about when you’re putting this much money into an investment like this.

And one last nit pick about the changer is that the space for the changing pad is smaller than almost every changing pad you can buy and the one that comes with the changer is super flimsy and thin. This made me go on a search for a pad that would fit the small space and provide a little more cushion for my little one. After searching for many hours on Amazon and finally moving onto another site, unsuccessfully also, I realized there are almost no changing pads out there that are the right size for this changer (the length head to toe is about 27″ or 28″). Almost all changers are 30″ at the shortest, one I found was 29″ but was too wide, but nothing shorter than 29″. After lots of going back and forth I decided on the LA Baby 4 Sided Changing Pad 30″, White from Amazon. As shown in the title, IT IS 30″ long, however I decided to try it and just cut off the length to fit the space on my changer since I would be putting a cover over it anyway. I just received that in the mail and decided to see if it would fit in the space on the changer before I cut it up and I was able to kind of just squish it in. I’m usually kind of a freak about not putting things into spaces they don’t exactly fit into but this honestly works perfectly. It also makes it so that I don’t have to screw the pad into the changer to make sure it doesn’t move around, it just wedges tightly into the top space. So this negative is ultimately not a negative at all since I’m sure there are other changing pads you can order that fit your style, budget, desires, etc. that will also wedge into the space so don’t worry!

Overall giving this 4 stars since there are some things that could have been better but the VALUE is tremendous and the main reason this gets above average in my book.

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