Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch Review

Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch

A Smartwatch with Stand Alone Phone

The Innovative and fashionable Smart Pulse can be used as a standalone phone with its ground breaking Dual SIM support. The 4 cm touch screen of the device allows to make the phone functionalities like make and receive call with the free Bluetooth headset provided, read and write SMS, and browse web.
Smart Companion for Android Smartphone

Smart Pulse A Smart Companion for Android Smartphone

It works as a multifunctional watch and can be paired via Bluetooth with any other android smartphone to work as secondary device for the smartphone. The Smart Pulse device gives remote access for the paired smartphone for functionalities make and receive calls, view call logs, read and write SMSes, remote camera capture, music streaming and notification alert for social applications.

Other Features of Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch

Touch Screen

Smart pulse comes with a 4 cm full capacitive touch screen for the intuitive experience .

Dual SIM

Be connected all the time while you travel using the best of two different networks.


Smart Pulse comes equipped with a long lasting battery ensuring you can live life carefree


Smart Pulse guarantees entertainment for its users. Just pair your device with any Android phone and enjoy the music effortlessly.

Bluetooth Headset

This wrist watch in hand comes with a Bluetooth headset for thereal hands free experience.

Changeable Wrist Bands

Flaunt this amazing device with 3 colored wrist bands, go have a new you everyday.

Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 – The Bottom Line

Spice Smart Pulse M-9010 is a dual-SIM smart watch that can be used as a standalone phone. It can also get connected to any Android phone with Bluetooth connectivity and let the users do any activity of their choice. The 420 mAh battery of the device gives 3 hours of talk time and 2 days of standby time. Other features include: 1.5 inch QVGA display, GPRS/WAP, 8GB expandable memory, 0.3MP camera, and FM radio.

Spice Smart Pulse Smartwatch – Real Customer Reviews

Amazing Watch

I agree when the media says the Spice Pulse M-9010 is first smartwatch from any Indian brand. It is the cheapest too, it seems. If I am going to buy a watch for Rs. 4000, I think I will go for a smartwatch this time. Has great novelty value!
by Pooja on 10th October 2014 at Amazon.in

Cool Product

Nice smartwatch! What I like the most is the ability to mirror notifications straight from the phone after an app called BT Notifier is installed on the handset.
by Sameer on 10th October 2014 at Amazon.in

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