‘Overnight Success’ Is Just A Farce … !!!

Our generation that thrives on instant gratification. Agreed — new entrepreneurs, small business owners and personal brands have the tools and means at their disposal to build a product, promote it and provide it to the users almost instantly, but just because we can do things faster than our forefathers doesn’t mean there is such a thing as ‘overnight success.’ This is essentially because you tend to hear about start-ups when they’re successful and not when they are struggling. Truth be told —the concept of overnight success in itself is a farce. Here’s why.

Success is subjective

Success always implies an end, a finish line, something from which you cannot evolve. But is there really an end? In order to be successful, do you have to continue to be successful or just being around for the longest time and then gradually losing your holding also demonstrates success? Truth is only you can decide if you’re successful or not. It’s about setting a bar, and then jumping it yourself. It’s about keeping up with your competition and simultaneously beating it.

Success comes with experience- and experience comes with time

Imagine not having to learn anything or not having to slug it out, in any industry, before you make it big. Wouldn’t life be just wonderful? Guess what- that’s not how things happen. You need knowledge and patience to succeed, and that needs to be learned. Moreover, when those wise, learned men say ‘to succeed, you must fail’; they say it for a reason. So, you’re going to have to fail, and fail many a times before you taste the sweetness of success and that certainly cannot happen overnight.

You need a little bit of luck too

Nothing in life is certain, because there are only so many constants that you can control; there will be at least one variable that can’t be accounted for. That one thing that has the ability to completely change the outcome. There’s always a chance that things won’t go as planned which is where luck comes in handy. To be successful, you sometimes need to be lucky as well.

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it actually is

Being a mere spectator can be deceiving because, as they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. You don’t get to know what’s happening behind the curtain. More than that, we don’t often realize how long any company has been around before we bother to notice it. Sometimes, these companies have been around for years before they ‘seemingly’ became successes overnight. You need a right product, at a right time and at the right place. And developing that product takes time along with a bit of luck.

Overnight success always departs overnight too

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites. Did you know that they struggled for a long, long time before they were finally noticed? Likewise, Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game. They almost went bankrupt and spent eight years before finally creating a hit. They are not overnight successes as people term them to be. Even if someone does become an overnight success, chances are the person will fade into oblivion eventually. Bollywood is full of such examples that boast of overnight successes but are a one-film-wonder — Kumar Gaurav, Anu Agarwal and Bhagyashree to name a few.

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