Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender Mixer Review

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900
With it’s powerful 900 watt motor and 2 extractor blades, extracting your food is now even easier! The NutriBullet Pro 900 busts open seeds, cracks through stems, shreds tough skins, and accesses hidden nutrients in food. It breaks down food to its most digestable state so you can drastically improve your health and energy levels.

The unique combination of the NutriBullet Extractor Blades and our exclusive Cyclonic Action generate the power to break down, pulverize and emulsify foods so you can access the hidden nutrition inside.

15-Piece Set Includes:

  • 1 High-torque Power Base
  • 2 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Colossal Cup
  • 2 Tall Cups
  • 1 Short Cup
  • 1 Handled Lip Ring
  • 1 Regular Lip Ring
  • 1 Flip-Top To-Go Lid
  • 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids
  • 1 User Manual & Cookbook
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist
  • 1 Bonus Life Changing Recipes Book


  • Busts open seeds
  • Cracks through stems
  • Shreds tough skins
  • Breaks down even the toughest ingredients to unlock the vital nutrition inside
  • UL Listed
  • 1-yr limited warranty
  • Made in China


  • Wattage Output: 900 Watts
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Capacity (volume): 4 Cups
  • Appliance Capabilities: Shredder, Blends, Grinds, Chops
  • Material: Plastic (BPA-Free)
  • Care and Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Base Dimensions: 5.375″ Diameter x 8″ Height
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs

Which Magic Bullet Is Right For You?


Nutri Bullet

Nutri Bullet Pro

Magic Bullet

Dessert Bullet

Baby Bullet
Features The SuperFood Nutrition Extractor The SuperFood Nutrition Extractor with more power: 900 watts Does any job in 10 seconds or less! Make healthy, delicious, all-natural desserts in 10 seconds or less! Make an entire week’s worth of all-natural baby food in just minutes!
Uses Breaks down food to its most absorbable state Breaks down food to its most absorbable state Everything from chopped onions and grated cheese to pasta sauces and snacks Make fresh, healthy, all-natural desserts. Everything from dairy-free, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, low fat, low sugar, and low calorie. Make fresh, healthy, all-natural baby food for every stage of baby’s development.
Lifestyle The health-conscious will enjoy nutritious beverages made from the natural ingredients they select Athletes can rejuvenate quickly and efficiently with the powerful 900 watt motor and 2 extractor blades Busy chefs can rely on its ability to create a wide variety of key ingredients Hosts will delight in whipping up fresh desserts for dinner parties New moms will appreciate time saved while creating wholesome foods for their babies

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender Mixer Reviews by Real Users

Nutribullet 900 Amazing

I love this handy little blender, it’s lightweight, powerful, and easy to clean. This model has sharper blades than my old blender and it doesn’t take up too much space on my counter top. Since upgrading my old blender to the Nutribullet 900 watt I’ve been using it everyday to make dips, protein shakes and smoothies. The machine blends root veggies, frozen fruit, chia seeds, flax seeds, and ice cubes to a smooth consistency without any lumps. I haven’t experienced any leaks like some reviewers have mentioned, I think the trick is not to overfill it with too much food or liquid beyond the max fill mark. So far so good, touch wood! My only complaint is I wish the package included more small cups, but despite this I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank on a $500 blender.

Nutribullet 900 ….. a great purchase

OK this is an awesome machine. Obviously better than my 600 watts Nutribullet. The 2 extractor blades are really improved by getting it well sealed inside and out. By saying that it is relative to what people own. I had mine couple months after the inception of the first Nutribullet 600 model and I know that the blades has been modified/improved since then and before the Nutribullet 900 came in to the market. Check on youtube ” NUTRIBULLET IMPROVEMENTS NEW VS OLD” and a guy (not me) shows how it was improved and these are both 600 models. Back to the 900 series, the 32 oz. colossal cup fits more stuff and that’s a big plus. The flip top lid for me is just ok am likely going to use it less. So here’s the difference in my experience. I use celery on my older model and I just cant get it extracted really well. So I stop using celery on my smoothie. But when I tried it on this 900 watt series I just cant tell and see the fibers of the celery. The smoothie is smoother than the one done on my 600 watt model. Worth the money.
Spoiler though ….. I bought another one as a gift at Kohls for $85. They had the Nutribullet 900 series model for $99.99 sale online (must be a mistake) last Tuesday, Nov 19th. I went to the store and with my cellphone on hand I showed the kohls website price to the manager. He honored the price and have me signed a kohls card for additional 20% discount. Lucky me cause the sale was gone online the next day.

Easier than Juicing

I own a Breville juicer. I think it’s a fantastic machine. I remember reading reviewer’s complaints about the clean-up, and I thought they were just being picky. Once we started juicing several times a day, though, cleaning up the Breville became really annoying. You can’t just rinse out the parts – you have to scrub out the pulp. Dishwashing won’t get it out, you have to do it by hand.

Anyway, we decided to try the Nutribullet. So far I love it. It blends things very smoothly and clean-up is just a good rinse. Here’s the thing, however: if you were juicing you cannot use your recipes the same way with the Nutribullet. For instance, one of my favorite juices was ginger-carrot-apple. In a juicer it comes out nice and smooth. But with the Nutribullet you are getting the apple fiber, so you are essentially making apple sauce, not juice. But, on the other hand, you will be using less fruits and vegetables overall and getting more out of it, saving you money. AND – the biggest thing for me – you will actually feel FULL after a Nutribullet “blast” versus a juicer “Juice” because of all the fiber. So you will also be saving on calories.

My advice to former juicers would be to use the recipes in the book that comes with it first, instead of your own juicing recipes, because you may get a bad first impression. Your juicing recipes will definitely have to be adjusted. You will need to reduce the amount of spinach or kale you were using because since you are now getting the full amount of the vegetable, it will be too bitter. I’m still working on apple mixes because of the thickness. But it’s so much more convenient than a juicer, and you use so much less produce.

Nutribullet Pro 900…LOVE it!

I am a huge advocate for anything that can simplify life and give people an opportunity to eat healthier. Fueling our bodies appropriately in todays fast food world is SO important and this machine is worth its weight in gold! In just a few minutes, you can drink a breakfast that contains fruits, veggies, and ‘superfoods’ and really propell yourself into a different way of thinking about ‘fast’ food.

Is it loud? YES…for cripe sakes it is loud for a minute but really that is all the time you need to pulverize food.

How does it look? Um…WOW…I am surprised that people even rate this sort of thing. Really? But…if you need to know…it takes up VERY little space and is easily storeable if you really need to hide your healthy magic machine.

I bought this one for a friend who is battling his weight and he loves it. I am glad that I contributed to someones healthier lifestyle. I have the 600 watt one and have used it consistantly for about seven months. No issues at all. Follow the directions and don’t overfill with liquid and it does just fine. Clean up is so easy if you just rinse off the blade right after blending. The cups are easy to use.

I wish Nutribullet would take out the small cups and replace them with a few more of the bigger ones. I have no use for the small ones. I don’t know anyone who has this machine that does use them. I also wish that I could buy the bigger cups individually. SO…there is my two cents for the manufacture as far as improvements go.

Get this and start experimenting with your produce section and you won’t be disapointed.

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