Celebrate National Golf Month with a “Tee” Party

Golf themed Tee Party Tablescape

My husband is a PGA Golf Professional, so our life revolves around golf. August happens to be National Golf Month, so it’s pretty much Christmas in our house. I’ve been so excited about throwing a “tee party” to celebrate the occasion. Let’s talk “tee,” shall we?

When it comes to a golf-themed tea party, green and white are your go-to colors. Choose a table covering in a grass green. I found a trendy chevron design at my local fabric store that did the trick. A green tablecloth will make everyday white dishes really stand out.

Golf Tee Party Ideas

Greet your “tee party” guests with a little welcome sign. You can download the one I used here or create and print your own. I found a golf ball picture frame at a craft store to display my welcome sign. You can also use a little easel or simply prop it up on the table.

Throw a golf themed tee party

Inside each setting’s teacup is a little white favor box filled with a truffle. I hot-glued golf balls on top along with a green satin bow. I love using the favors at a party as part of the table decoration — two for one!

Golf Tee Party Centerpiece

Create an easy DIY centerpiece by growing wheatgrass to set down inside either an oversized teacup basket or just a simple vase. To grow wheatgrass, simply sprinkle seeds in a shallow dish, place outside and water (it takes six to eight days to grow). Cut out a section of the wheatgrass to place in your vase. Use small floral tubes to place flowers inside the wheatgrass. Display “tee time” signs throughout the party.

Golf Tee Party

You can’t have a “tee party” without tea. Little green buckets scattered throughout the table can hold a variety of tea bags atop decorative grass and, of course, golf balls. Add in preppy pattern with napkins, such as a black-and-white polka dots or stripes. Break out your nicest teapot for this golf affair for your golf-loving friends and family.

Happy National Golf Month! This is one tee time that your friends won’t want to miss!

Download Tee Party Welcome Sign

Download Tee Time Sign

Photo credits: Courtney Whitmore

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