Beekeeping Training at Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Training on Beekeeping

Scientific and Profitable Way of Beekeeping

Course Name Scientific Beekeeping Training
Course Type Full Time
Course Duration 7 Days
Course Location Bhubaneswar, Odisha or At your own place
Accommodation Available
No Of Students 25

Honey Beekeeping Training course of Abheek’s ApiDiary has been designed to help interested hobbyist, farmers and individuals to adopt a more sophisticated and scientific way of beekeeping, extracting and processing honey. Today, Abheek’s ApiDiary have emerged as the best private institute for Beekeeping Training in Odisha.

They organize 7 Days training program on Beekeeping for the Farmers, Beekeepers, hobbyist and unemployed youth. Each batch contains 25 trainees. Abheek’s ApiDiary also provides accommodation to participants during training. AAD manages the training in such a way so that the trainees will be able to learn more about Beekeeping fresher can start the work immediately after training.

  • Nature of Training: 7 Days Practical and Theoretical Beekeeping Training.
  • Maximum number of Trainees: 25 Trainees Each Batch
  • Eligibility: Anyone interested in beekeeping
  • Duration of Training: One week (7 days)
  • Details of Theoretical Training and Practical Training:
    • Theoretical Training:
      • Bee Keeping – As occupation, As increase in Agriculture Production.
      • Apis Cerana Bee Colony.
      • Bee Keeping Equipments: Bee Box, Honey extractor, Smoker, Bee veil, Bee Knife, Hive Tool, Queen gate, Feeder, Solar wax extractor, Wax sheet etc.
      • Bee Management
      • Bee Deceases
      • Swarm control in Bee colonies
      • Timely extraction of Honey
      • New Queen rearing
      • Seasonally sugar syrup Pollen method in colonies
      • Migration Benefits to farmers Bee Keepers
      • Selective Breeding in colonies
      • Care against Pesticides in colonies.
      • Marketing of Honey, Bee colony other products.
      • Bionomic ability of Project.
    • Practical Training:
      • Field visit of Bee Keeping Agriculture
      • Pollination
      • Honey extractor
      • Processing of Honey
      • Wax collection Processing
      • Method of Per Polish Production
      • Queen Bee
      • Queen Cells

Training will be conducted by experienced professors, researchers and professional from the field of entomology and beekeeping. Abheek’s ApiDiary will provide a FREE gift of complete beekeeping kit to every successful trainee after completion of training.

For customized training and other details please contact Abheek’s ApiDiary. AAD can also arrange training at your location on request. Please contact Abheek’s ApiDiary for further details.

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