Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Review

The Mr. Coffee Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Mr Coffee CoffeemakerThe Mr. Coffee Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker features a modern design to enrich the style of your kitchen. The Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker includes various features such as on/off indicator light, removable filter basket and a brewing pause ‘n serve setting. The coffee maker also features a water window to show the amount of water in the reservoir, a cord storage to prevent clutter and a brew strength selector to personalize your coffee. Finally, the Mr. Coffee Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker is compatible with a glass or thermal carafe. The thermal carafe will keep your coffee hot for hours and is great for entertaining! This coffeemaker is designed to work with the Mr. Coffee Thermal Stainless Steel Decanter DRD95 (must be purchased separately).

Product Features

Recognized by a leading consumer magazine as one of the best coffeemakers for the 3rd consecutive year (2011, 2012, 2013). The Water Filtration system helps remove up to 97% of the chlorine from the water and improves the taste of your coffee as a result of the Mr. Coffee water filter and brewing process. You will enjoy the brewing pause ‘n serve that lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing. And, the self cleaning cycle makes cleaning your coffeemaker quick and easy. You will also be able to relax knowing that the 2-Hour auto shut-off keeps your coffee hot for 2-hour, then automatically shuts off.

Wake up to Fresh, Hot Coffee that’s ready when you are

The Delay Brew timer allows you to set the brew time up to 24 hours in advance, and your precious first cups are ready when you are. The Fresh Brew Timer available only from Mr. Coffee ensures the coffee is hot and fresh when you need it, and alerts you when it’s time to brew a new pot.

Great tasting coffee begins with great water!

Get the best flavor out of your favorite beans by using the Mr. Coffee carbon-based water filter in the Mr. Coffee coffeemaker during the brewing process helps remove up to 97% of the chlorine from the water and improves the taste of your coffee.

Brewing Pause ‘n Serve

Can’t wait for the coffee to finish brewing? The Brewing Pause ‘n Serve feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing.
Mr Coffee

Purchased this coffee maker at local retailer after trying but returning a KitchenAid with thermal carafe. The Mr Coffee is 1/2 the price and twice the function. The optional thermal carafe can be substituted for the glass carafe and the machine automatically detects the carafe and adjusts by turning the hot plate on (glass) or off (thermal. Has all the functions of the best coffee makers. Makes great coffee at a temperature that is hot enough to make the coffee taste good without being so hot that it burns the coffee. I have had some issues with Mr Coffee designs in other older machines but this machine seems to be well designed. As an example, the water spout that delivers hot water to the coffee grounds is automatically placed over the coffee when the cover is closed. (You must move the spout to remove the coffee grounds basket and this feature ensures that it is always placed back at the proper location. The option of glass for 12 cups or thermal for 8 cups of coffee allows great flexibility. I highly recommend this coffee maker.

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