Review of Hubsan X4 RC Quadcopter Drone With Camera

Hubsan X4 Drone
Oh, the joy of flying an aircraft! For thrills, skills, and power, thereÍs nothing quite like the new Hubsan X4 H107C. An incredible quadcopter, so compact it can fit comfortably in your hand and fly on precision controlled exercises into the narrowest of nooks!

The X4 features 4 formidable motors, which give you the versatility to perform expert takeoffs and vertical climbs. The aircraft offers two flight modes:

  1. Beginners, for those aiming to become proficient at flight basics, and Advanced, for those experienced in piloting a craft.
  2. In advanced mode, the Hubsan X4 can execute aggressive flips. This newly improved version allows you to activate an anti-flip mode by pressing down on the left stick, so now you can fly as proficiently and assertively as you wish without worrying about executing an inadvertent flip.

Hubsan X4 H107C 4CH RC Quadcopter With Camera
With 4 LED lights allowing for night flying (not to mention, adding a ñcoolî factor!), this Hubsan X4 is everything you want in an drone aircraft!

Reviews of Hubsan X4 H107C 4CH RC Quadcopter With Camera by Real Users

Precise Flying and Great Value

The first thing I became aware of when the package arrived was how small this quad copter is. The central pod containing the camera and battery is only about two inches long. Each rotor is about two inches in diameter, and the entire copter is about a six inch square. Red lights indicate the rear of the copter. The remote is actually bigger than the copter, and feels very natural and comfortable in two hands.

Charge the battery and put batteries in the remote. Insert a micro SD card. The remote must be turned on first, with the throttle in the off position, or the copter will not sync to the controller. Then plug in the battery to power up the copter. Push the one button on the copter to turn on the camera. The instructions will show which lights indicate which functions as well as show alternate set-ups for many features. It pays to read the manual, especially if you’re new to flying model helicopters.

The remote comes set up with the controls mimicking a real helicopter control layout. The throttle, which acts as collective pitch for all four rotors, is set up as the up-down on the left stick. This raises and lowers the altitude of the copter. The left-right on the left stick controls the yaw, or in other words, allows the copter to spin around in place.

The right stick is the cyclic pitch controller. Moving the right stick varies the rotor speeds one at a time according to the stick direction. To go forward, push the stick forward and to go backward, pull the stick back. Left and right movement of the stick of course makes the copter fly left and right. You can change which stick performs which function, but then you go against normal flight control convention.

The controls are quite sensitive, but they are very linear and proportional. This means it’s easy to dial in the exact amount of throttle or directional control quite precisely. But you must be very gentle on the controls, because it’s very easy to over react and send the copter off in a mad dash across the room.

The package includes a rotor guard which should be installed. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did. But just in case, there are four extra props in the box. Props come in left hand rotation and right hand rotation versions, so be sure you put the correct prop on the correct motor. The copter won’t take off if you make a mistake. It is advisable to practice flying indoors in as large and clear a room as is available. Begin by lifting off a foot or two and trying to keep the copter in one place. Use the trim controls to get it to hover steady. Once you do this, the copter will be much easier to fly.

Previous helicopter flight instruction allows me to understand the flight controls quite easily, but what I find most difficult is flying when the copter is oriented in reverse, meaning when the front of the copter faces toward me. Then the controls appear to operate backwards. Of course, in a real helicopter, you as the pilot always face in the forward direction of the copter and your perspective is always the same. Not so with this or any other remote control copter. It takes lots of flight practice to overcome this.

The camera quality is merely adequate for fun videos. It is SD quality, and quite grainy indoors. It’s about as good as an old VHS camcorder. My only complaint with this copter is that they didn’t use a better camera. You can not tilt the camera down, but in forward flight, the front of the copter points slightly down as a natural process of forward flight. The included battery runs about eight to ten minutes before needing a charge.

In short, this quad copter is fairly well made for something this inexpensive. With the rotor guard installed, it can withstand mild bumps into objects with no damage to the rotors. Can’t say the same for small chochkies on the shelve you try to land on. To include a camera at this price point is amazing. Take the time to practice learning to fly this, and you will be rewarded with smooth and precise flights time after time.

by Rick Bennette on 14th March 2014 at

A Small But Mighty Machine

The little Hubsan X4 107c is quite a machine. After learning to fly these using a Hubsan X4 H107L I got the camera version to try aerial photography. It works very well.

Be aware this model is heavier than the 107L and behaves that way in flight. While it has larger motors it uses the same size propellers as the X4 107L and this results in more “wing” loading and less forgiving flying characteristics. It is a good for photography but not as much fun to fly and just zip around.

I have taken the little X4 H107C up a good 300 feet and gotten some pretty amazing long range video. Going this high takes a lot of focus but it is do able if you are a capable pilot.

Also if you get one it comes with a prop guard. Look on the bottom side of the packaging tray. This is important because the guard for the 107L does not fit the larger motors unless you cut it.

by Haans on 9th June 2014 at

Awesome – Even For A Beginner

Bought this for my 9 year old, who’s never flown a hobby grade heli before. Turns out it’s a lot of fun for both of us:) It is extremely quick, but stable and easy to get a hang of. Seems to connect well up to about 150 feet, and about half a block horizontally. Very rugged – I’ve smacked it into our roof a few times, and the ground, and it keeps on working. The camera is what you might expect from a $60 dollar purchase, but the picture is good enough for our purposes and it’s a blast to see the neighborhood from those heights. The top thing I can say about this heli is that it can withstand a lot of abuse. I lost control from 70 feet (lost my bearings and panic dove) and it ended up in my neighbors pool – in 3 ft of chlorinated water. Spent a lot of compressed air blowing the circuits dry, but to my absolute surprise, it’s now working again (albeit with a different lipo battery than the one i dunked).

Absolutely recommend this to those interested in hobby grade flight.

by Texas on 27th December 2013 at

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